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Microsoft ERP on Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics ERP deployment options

Microsoft Dynamics ERP products offer multiple deployment and pricing options, including both on-premises solutions and cloud-based software-as-a service (SaaS) platforms provided by our partners. Whatever your preference, you have the flexibility to choose the option that’s right for you.

BMT, A Microsoft partners offer cloud-based hosting for Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and can serve your organization in a wide spectrum of roles. You can task them with providing hardware and software that is accessed and controlled by your in-house IT department. Or you can engage a partner as an outsourced IT department that runs, maintains, and develops your systems for you.

Hosted ERP solutions allow you to:

  • Minimize your initial investment - Lower your startup costs by avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases.
  • Get up and running quickly - Hosted ERP solutions generally offer faster deployment options.
  • Manage your cash flow better - Support your business as it grows with low and predictable costs that scale with actual use of your solution. You can also purchase a traditional perpetual license and have it hosted by a partner.
  • Scale the solution as needed - Many partner-hosted ERP solutions offer scalability that fits to your organizations exact needs and can be adjusted as your needs change.
  • Maximize internal IT resources - Free up your internal IT staff for tasks that provide more value to your organization.

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Infor - Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Whether you're a manufacturer, distributor, government entity, or service provider, you need enterprise asset management software to help you keep your plant, equipment, and facilities available, reliable, and safe. You need a powerful solution that can help you meet your environmental, compliance, and service goals; cut your inventory levels, purchasing costs, and energy use; improve your staff’s productivity; and make better decisions, faster.

Infor Enterprise Asset Management software helps you drive your asset management plans, decisions, and actions to reduce energy use.

Infor10 EAM Enterprise

A powerful system for keeping your company's equipment, facilities, and vehicle assets in tip-top shape in order to maximize your profits. It will help you cut your purchasing costs, inventory levels, and inventory carrying costs, while making your workers more productive. (More Information)

Infor10 EAM Enterprise Sustainability

A complete enterprise asset management and sustainability solution with integrated energy and environmental management, so you gain end-to-end controlfrom energy and environmental policy to how you use energy.  You can continually monitor asset health and behavior, analyze data to detect key trends and anomalies, forecast performance issues, measure and manage your business performance against your organizational energy reduction and sustainability goals, make decisions, and drive action. (More Information)

Infor10 EAM Business

Now, small- and medium-sized businesses can control critical functions, such as work orders, purchasing, inventory, and preventive maintenance, without the investment and extended implementation time required for a larger-scale installation. (More Information)

Infor EAM (MP2)

A client/server-based EAM system for small- to medium-size business that's quick to implement and easy to learn, and provides mobile access. It allows you to locate your inventory 24x7, manage your equipment and work, and schedule preventive maintenance. (More Information)

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