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Hospital Supply Chain Visibility

BMT-Bio Vigil Supply Chain Visibility System

The MedTrac Supply Chain Visibility solution is a software service that enables the management of medical supplies throughout the healthcare supply chain – in the hospital down to the Point of Care, at the distributor's warehouse, in transit and in the field. The solution includes systems for managing all types of inventory from high-value implants to high-turning consumables, including owned, consigned and non-consigned product. Customers improve their financial performance through improved inventory performance and reduced write-offs.

MedTrac simplifies the recording of consumption at the Point of Care and enables sophisticated inventory management solutions that improve staff satisfaction, reduce inventory, eliminate waste and help improve patient safety.

MedTrac provides:

  • Lot level visibility of all inventory and consumption, including consignment
  • Item level traceability from receipt until consumption for a procedure
  • Robust par level management and analytics to optimize inventory levels
  • Automated expiration alerts
  • Seamless integration with ERP systems to maximize operational efficiency

MedTrac gives clients insight into and control of their medical supply chains. Clinicians can be confident that everything they need will be available, helping ensure safety and avoiding wasted time. The MedTrac solution includes a suite of products for:

  • Charge to Patient for Patient Level Costing
  • Consumption Management
  • Demand Management
  • Receipt Management
  • Performance Management
  • Logistics Management

Read more about the MedTrac suite of products


MedTrac delivers benefits for:

  • Healthcare Management
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Clinical Staff
  • Suppliers
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Hospital Asset Management

BMT-Bio Vigil Asset Management

Current manual processes of locating equipment throughout entire hospital campuses are labor intensive and inefficient. The Asset Management solution automates and optimizes these manual processes that most hospitals have for managing and maintaining capital and rental equipment. The solution leverages the hospital’s existing Wi-Fi network for complete hospital-wide visibility, and enables rapid deployment with the lowest total cost of ownership.

BioVigil Asset Management solution enables materials managers, clinical engineers, nurses, distribution and transport services to:

  • Reduce over-purchasing and equipment rental costs
  • Improve staff efficiency and workflow by reducing search times and wait times for ordered equipment
  • Increase equipment utilization
  • Automate inventory management
  • Reduce equipment shrinkage and loss
  • Improve regulatory compliance through higher levels of on-time completion of equipment maintenance
  • Improve patient safety and overall quality of care through successful recall management and timely equipment maintenance

The Asset Management solution includes a broad range of applications:

Par Level Management

Enables equipment tracking, in real-time, of when items enter or leave an area, such as a soiled or clean utility room, or a centralized distribution area. The system automatically alerts relevant staff upon shortage or surplus of equipment in an area.

Order Fulfillment

Enables distribution staff to rapidly fulfill orders and reduce wait times.

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory management enables staff to perform automated inventory counts throughout the entire hospital.

Asset Utilization

Asset utilization analysis is an effective tool to help managers assess capital equipment purchasing requirements and allocation among hospital departments.

Shrinkage Control

Staff is alerted, in real-time, when equipment is leaving a certain unit/floor/building or even when accidently thrown down a laundry/trash chute to help prevent shrinkage and loss.

Rental Management

Rental equipment tracking throughout the hospital ensures that items are returned in a timely manner. Moreover, utilization analysis enables optimization of the balance between capital and rental equipment.

Preventive Maintenance

Clinical engineers can easily view maps and reports to understand the location and status of equipment requiring preventive maintenance. Alerts can be setup indicating when missing equipment appears back on site.

Recall Management

Clinical engineers can instantaneously know the locations of all recalled equipment across entire hospital campuses. Alerts inform staff whenever equipment that is currently offsite returns back onsite or arrives at certain areas of the hospital.

Corrective Maintenance

Enables automated alerting for equipment requiring repair and maintenance. Call buttons on the tags attached to the equipment can be used to indicate that it requires repair.

Integration to Maintenance Management Systems

Location and status data can be integrated into existing maintenance management hospital systems. These systems are automatically populated with location and status data. An asset or a group of assets requiring maintenance or recall can be viewed on a map directly from the maintenance management system.

Integration to Medical Device Management Systems

Integration with medical device management systems, such as infusion pump management servers, enables users to view the location of the asset directly from the infusion pump management system. In addition, Bio Vigil MobileView is updated with the status of the pumps (e.g., on, off or pumping) to create context-aware searching, reporting and alerting based on the device’s actual status.

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Patient Flow System

BMT-BioVigil Patient Flow System

In high acuity departments such as the OR and ED or in clinics such as Outpatient and Cancer Clinics, knowing the real-time location and status of clinical staff, patients, rooms and critical clinical equipment is essential to improving patient care and departmental workflow. Lack of such visibility can slow patient throughput, adversely impact care delivery and outcomes, extend wait times and results in superfluous labor costs.

BioVigil’s Patient Flow solution enables hospitals to:

  • Increase staff efficiency and satisfaction by reducing manual data entry and improving staff communication
  • Improve patient satisfaction through reduced wait times and real-time information to family members
  • Augment existing patient tracking boards by incorporating real-time visibility information of patients, staff and equipment
  • Decrease LWOT and/or ED diversions by reducing wait times and identifying bottlenecks
  • Increase revenue and shorten LOS by identifying suboptimal workflows and improving patient throughput based on automated real-time visibility data

Solution Highlights

  • At-a-glance views enable staff to quickly see patient location in and out of the room, patient waiting time exceptions, which staff members are in a room, and if the required medical devices are in place
  • Throughput times and key milestones are documented automatically in real-time
  • Patient-staff interaction, patient wait time and room utilization reports for workflow optimization and process improvement initiatives
  • Real-time alerts on a variety of events such as patient moving within and between departments, absence of equipment required for patient treatment or transport, and extended patient wait times
  • Hospital-wide visibility of patients, staff and equipment through a pervasive Wi-Fi network
  • Open architecture, flexible API and HL7 integration to existing systems
  • Additional features for automatic temperature and humidity monitoring of refrigeration devices, warming devices, surgery rooms, and more

BioVigil’s Patient Flow visibility solutions include:

  • Real-Time OR Visibility – Real-time location and status of patients and staff moving throughout the perioperative process, automatic update of milestones into ORIS and tracking boards, real-time location of critical equipment required for room setup, OR flow metrics, humidity monitoring of surgery rooms, temperature monitoring of OR refrigeration units.

  • Real-Time ED Visibility – Real-time location and status of patients and staff as they move throughout the Emergency and Ancillary departments, automatic update of locations into EDIS and tracking boards (e.g. patient arrived at treatment room, patient in Radiology), real-time visibility of critical medical devices, automatic updates of patient and staff presence in treatment areas.

  • Real-Time Clinic Visibility – Real-time location and status of patients and staff as they move throughout the clinic’s exam rooms, integration to scheduling systems, analysis of patient-staff interaction times for scheduling optimization, arrival and wait time alerts (e.g. reception area, treatment rooms)
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Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

The Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies regulate temperature and humidity monitoring processes in hospitals. Nursing, lab, pharmacy and food service staff perform manual temperature and humidity monitoring and logging throughout the hospital hundreds of times each day.

Pharmaceuticals, organs, blood bags, vaccines, tissues, food and other items require strict temperature ranges for quality patient care and safety. Wireless temperature monitoring can also be used in data centers and network closets, where sensitive electronic equipment needs to be monitored, or in blanket warmers and food delivery carts.  Inappropriate humidity levels in ORs, patient, lab and storage rooms can cause bacteria, fungus, mites, infections, poor chemical interactions and increased static electricity.

BioVigil's Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Monitoring solution automates the current manual processes that most hospitals have for monitoring temperature and humidity, and enables them to:

  • Improve regulatory compliance through automated collection and logging of temperature and humidity data
  • Increase labor efficiency and productivity by freeing up caregivers’ time
  • Improve quality of care through constant monitoring of safe temperature and humidity ranges as well as analysis of logged data to identify trends
  • Reduce spoilage by shortening the time it takes to identify and react to a temperature problem

WATCH A DEMO FOR Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Demo.

The solution includes the following highlights:

Leverages existing Wi-Fi network

Requires no dedicated sensor network, no hard wires and is easy to implement.

Variety of Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Tags

Biovigil battery-powered T5 Tags with integrated sensors are simply placed in a refrigerator or in a room and then periodically (e.g., every five minutes) send the measured temperature and/or humidity over the Wi-Fi network.

Automated Logging

A broad range of scheduled and on-demand reports that are required for logging and reporting data for regulatory compliance.

Alerting and Corrective Actions

Alert dashboards and automated notifications to communication devices enable immediate reaction and corrective action logging.

Map View

BioVigil’s MobileView software provides a graphical user interface for viewing all or a group of monitored units on a hospital floor along with the relevant alert indications.

The Biovigil Temperature & Humidity monitoring solution is FDA registered and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 17:55

Patient & Staff Safety

Patient & Staff Safety

AeroScout’s patient and staff safety solutions provide 24x7 security for at-risk patients in healthcare facilities.  Our unique Wi-Fi-based systems leverage the hospital’s existing pervasive standard wireless network. Patients, infants and staff are tracked throughout the entire hospital, even in outdoor spaces, and the monitoring is not limited only to certain areas but is campus-wide. The AeroScout solution enables hospitals to:

  • Improve safety and peace of mind for clinical staff, patients and their family
  • Guard against infant abduction
  • Reduce the amount of safety incidents
  • Enhance the overall quality of care and patient satisfaction

The solution includes the following applications:

Patient Elopement

Immediately alert staff members when an at-risk patient exits the ward/building or enters a restricted area by employing a variety of notification methods (e.g., SMS, pages, instant alerts on workstations and VOIP phones). In addition, AeroScout’s MobileView displays live tracking and the historical path of wandering patients and AeroScout’s Instant Notifier allows for comprehensive workstation alerting with in-depth status information.

Patient Distress

Patients, such as elderly patients, wearing tags with call buttons can trigger panic or distress alerts. Notifications along with the patient’s location are sent to staff and security.

Staff Duress

Staff members carry call-button tags, which can be triggered to alert other staff upon encountering an emergency or in duress situations. The alert is accompanied by the real-time location of the individual requiring assistance.

Integration to Nurse Call Systems

The AeroScout solution integrates to existing Nurse Call systems to detect staff presence in patient rooms and automate Nurse Call room status light indicators. It reduces the manual entry of entrance/exit events and provides historical location data of nurses.

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Hand Hygeine & Infection Control

BMT's Healthcare Solution for Saudi ArabiaHand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System

Hand hygiene has long been regarded as the most effective method to prevent healthcare associated infections. Business Management Technology Co. Ltd. (BMT) provides the first line of defense in the infection control of healthcare associated infections in your hospital. This WiFi and RFID technology built hand hygiene monitoring system not only records all hand hygiene events in the hospital, but it also reminds busy healthcare workers to wash their hands between patients they are looking.

The BMT's BioVigil Hand Hygiene Infection Control and monitoring system is the most comprehensive tool to monitor adherence to hand hygiene protocols.

According to a study

  • · 1.7 million patients are infected by healthcare associated infections each year
  • · 270 people each day die from these infections
  • · Because hospital stays extended an average of 8 days, HAIs add 13.6 million extra patient days to the burden of patients and hospitals.
  • · US Federal and state governments, along with private payers, are restricting payments for healthcare associated infection costs to hospitals

BMT's Infection Control System (Hand Hygiene) is designed to:

  • · Protect patients and staff from HAIs
  • · lower costs by lowering infections and protecting patients
  • · Remind healthcare workers to wash between every patient interaction to avoid infections
  • · Save time with comprehensive hand hygiene reporting system to keep a track and implement healthcare protocols
  • · Eliminate inaccuracies of direct observation

BioVigil Hand Hygiene Monitoring

    • Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) are one of the leading causes of death for hospitalized patients world-wide. As an example, more than 100,000 deaths per year occur in the US alone due to HAI
    • Studies identify that health practitioners comply with hand hygiene procedures less than 50 percent of the time
    • The Joint Commission recommends hospitals meet a 90% compliance rate for hand washing
    • Current hand hygiene compliance monitoring requires human observers. These processes are labor intensive, sporadic and have been proven to over report compliance rates.

The BioVigil Hand Hygiene Monitoring solution addresses these challenges by providing a fully automated Hand Hygiene monitoring system:

  • Automated data collection and reporting on hand washing events and opportunities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Identifies Hand Hygiene events based on actual solution dispensing
  • Integrated dispenser solution - does not require additional units installed next to the dispenser, nor does it require additional power source (uses the dispenser’s batteries)
  • Non-disruptive solution to staff workflows and care processes - staff merely wash their hands, no added steps
  • Records single caregivers even if multiple staff are in room
  • Enables Infection Control and Process Improvement staff to focus on compliance, education and data analysis rather than monitoring and tabulating hand hygiene compliance rates
  • Complies with The Joint Commission definition for hand hygiene “washing (or cleaning) hands with an alcohol-based foam or get or soap upon entry and exit from a patient care area or environment.”
  • Integral part of a broader solution set. Same infrastructure can be used for staff tracking, nurse call, staff duress, asset management, patient flow and more

BMT's with AeroScout Healthcare Solution for Saudi Arabia healthcare hospitals

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Infor10 - Business Cloud

Infor10 - Business Cloud ERP Solution

Infor has offered cloud based applications for more than a decade and is leading the migration of core industry processes to the cloud. We believe that the cloud is ready to run an organization’s most vital applications, such as ERP, EAM, and SCM. Our cloud computing platform is robust enough to ensure that those applications will keep running efficiently and effectively.

Infor10 Business Cloud delivers an integrated application suite via your Web browser. All you need to provide is Internet access. Business Cloud is robust, secure, powerful, and delivers enterprise-level functionality for:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Expense Management
  • Manufacturing/Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Property Management
  • Workforce Management

Plus, Business Cloud offers a variety of cloud-based deployment models-from totally cloud based to hybrid environments, where some functionality is served from on-premises and some functionality is served from the cloud—providing you with the flexibility and adaptability that you need.

However you decide to deploy, you'll get a seamless, unified user experience—the functionality, look-and- feel, and single sign-on are the same for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployments. So no matter where an application is running, the experience for the user is the same; in fact, the user won't be able to tell where the functionality is being served from.

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Oracle Cloud ERP

Introduction - Oracle Cloud (SaaS) Solutions

The Oracle Cloud ERP Service is an integrated suite that transforms your back office into a collaborative, efficient, and intuitive hub. A rich set of financial and operational capabilities is married with the latest in social, mobile, and analytic technologies. Your information is protected on a platform you can trust - for complete confidence in the cloud.

With Oracle Cloud, you get enterprise-grade application and platform services based on best-in-class business applications and the industry's leading database and application server, managed by experts with over a decade of cloud delivery experience. More than 25 million users rely on Oracle Cloud every day.

  • Subscription-based (SaaS) deployment model with easy, predictable pricing
  • Complete ERP Services include: financials, planning and budgeting, risk and controls management, procurement and sourcing, inventory and cost management, product master data management, and project portfolio management
  • Engineered for the global enterprise with multi-GAAP, multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-subsidiary capabilities
  • Modern user experience optimized for today’s collaborative, hyper-connected, and mobile workforce
  • Business intelligence for everyone with pervasive and in-context analytic
  • Get up and running faster with less upfront costs and investment risk
  • Ensure consistent processes across all your locations around the world
  • Make more informed and data-driven business decisions
  • Boost user productivity and increase user adoption
  • Eliminate the need for expensive customizations
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Compare AX, GP, SL & NAV

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Comparison: SL, NAV, GP, AX

This 8-minute video compares the 4 leading ERP and accounting solutions on the market. Compare the functionality of each of the following solutions:
- Microsoft AX (Axapta)
- Microsoft GP (Great Plains)
- Microsoft NAV (Navision)
- Microsoft SL (Soloman)

Discover which ERP solution best fits your industry and hear about different deployment and support options.

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Microsoft ERP on Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics ERP deployment options

Microsoft Dynamics ERP products offer multiple deployment and pricing options, including both on-premises solutions and cloud-based software-as-a service (SaaS) platforms provided by our partners. Whatever your preference, you have the flexibility to choose the option that’s right for you.

BMT, A Microsoft partners offer cloud-based hosting for Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions and can serve your organization in a wide spectrum of roles. You can task them with providing hardware and software that is accessed and controlled by your in-house IT department. Or you can engage a partner as an outsourced IT department that runs, maintains, and develops your systems for you.

Hosted ERP solutions allow you to:

  • Minimize your initial investment - Lower your startup costs by avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases.
  • Get up and running quickly - Hosted ERP solutions generally offer faster deployment options.
  • Manage your cash flow better - Support your business as it grows with low and predictable costs that scale with actual use of your solution. You can also purchase a traditional perpetual license and have it hosted by a partner.
  • Scale the solution as needed - Many partner-hosted ERP solutions offer scalability that fits to your organizations exact needs and can be adjusted as your needs change.
  • Maximize internal IT resources - Free up your internal IT staff for tasks that provide more value to your organization.

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