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BMT-Bio Vigil Asset Management

Current manual processes of locating equipment throughout entire hospital campuses are labor intensive and inefficient. The Asset Management solution automates and optimizes these manual processes that most hospitals have for managing and maintaining capital and rental equipment. The solution leverages the hospital’s existing Wi-Fi network for complete hospital-wide visibility, and enables rapid deployment with the lowest total cost of ownership.

BioVigil Asset Management solution enables materials managers, clinical engineers, nurses, distribution and transport services to:

  • Reduce over-purchasing and equipment rental costs
  • Improve staff efficiency and workflow by reducing search times and wait times for ordered equipment
  • Increase equipment utilization
  • Automate inventory management
  • Reduce equipment shrinkage and loss
  • Improve regulatory compliance through higher levels of on-time completion of equipment maintenance
  • Improve patient safety and overall quality of care through successful recall management and timely equipment maintenance

The Asset Management solution includes a broad range of applications:

Par Level Management

Enables equipment tracking, in real-time, of when items enter or leave an area, such as a soiled or clean utility room, or a centralized distribution area. The system automatically alerts relevant staff upon shortage or surplus of equipment in an area.

Order Fulfillment

Enables distribution staff to rapidly fulfill orders and reduce wait times.

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory management enables staff to perform automated inventory counts throughout the entire hospital.

Asset Utilization

Asset utilization analysis is an effective tool to help managers assess capital equipment purchasing requirements and allocation among hospital departments.

Shrinkage Control

Staff is alerted, in real-time, when equipment is leaving a certain unit/floor/building or even when accidently thrown down a laundry/trash chute to help prevent shrinkage and loss.

Rental Management

Rental equipment tracking throughout the hospital ensures that items are returned in a timely manner. Moreover, utilization analysis enables optimization of the balance between capital and rental equipment.

Preventive Maintenance

Clinical engineers can easily view maps and reports to understand the location and status of equipment requiring preventive maintenance. Alerts can be setup indicating when missing equipment appears back on site.

Recall Management

Clinical engineers can instantaneously know the locations of all recalled equipment across entire hospital campuses. Alerts inform staff whenever equipment that is currently offsite returns back onsite or arrives at certain areas of the hospital.

Corrective Maintenance

Enables automated alerting for equipment requiring repair and maintenance. Call buttons on the tags attached to the equipment can be used to indicate that it requires repair.

Integration to Maintenance Management Systems

Location and status data can be integrated into existing maintenance management hospital systems. These systems are automatically populated with location and status data. An asset or a group of assets requiring maintenance or recall can be viewed on a map directly from the maintenance management system.

Integration to Medical Device Management Systems

Integration with medical device management systems, such as infusion pump management servers, enables users to view the location of the asset directly from the infusion pump management system. In addition, Bio Vigil MobileView is updated with the status of the pumps (e.g., on, off or pumping) to create context-aware searching, reporting and alerting based on the device’s actual status.


Hospital Asset Management System AeroScout
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