Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Temperature & Humidity Monitoring AeroScout

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

The Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies regulate temperature and humidity monitoring processes in hospitals. Nursing, lab, pharmacy and food service staff perform manual temperature and humidity monitoring and logging throughout the hospital hundreds of times each day.

Pharmaceuticals, organs, blood bags, vaccines, tissues, food and other items require strict temperature ranges for quality patient care and safety. Wireless temperature monitoring can also be used in data centers and network closets, where sensitive electronic equipment needs to be monitored, or in blanket warmers and food delivery carts.  Inappropriate humidity levels in ORs, patient, lab and storage rooms can cause bacteria, fungus, mites, infections, poor chemical interactions and increased static electricity.

BioVigil's Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Monitoring solution automates the current manual processes that most hospitals have for monitoring temperature and humidity, and enables them to:

  • Improve regulatory compliance through automated collection and logging of temperature and humidity data
  • Increase labor efficiency and productivity by freeing up caregivers’ time
  • Improve quality of care through constant monitoring of safe temperature and humidity ranges as well as analysis of logged data to identify trends
  • Reduce spoilage by shortening the time it takes to identify and react to a temperature problem

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The solution includes the following highlights:

Leverages existing Wi-Fi network

Requires no dedicated sensor network, no hard wires and is easy to implement.

Variety of Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Tags

Biovigil battery-powered T5 Tags with integrated sensors are simply placed in a refrigerator or in a room and then periodically (e.g., every five minutes) send the measured temperature and/or humidity over the Wi-Fi network.

Automated Logging

A broad range of scheduled and on-demand reports that are required for logging and reporting data for regulatory compliance.

Alerting and Corrective Actions

Alert dashboards and automated notifications to communication devices enable immediate reaction and corrective action logging.

Map View

BioVigil’s MobileView software provides a graphical user interface for viewing all or a group of monitored units on a hospital floor along with the relevant alert indications.

The Biovigil Temperature & Humidity monitoring solution is FDA registered and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

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