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BMT provides Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as a Business Collaboration Platform for the large and small Enterprise to help them have state of the art Collaboration, Document management and Archiving solutions. Using SharePoint 2010, BMT allows businesses to set up Web sites to share information with others within or outside the companies, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports over secure portals so that it can be available for employees whenever and where ever they wanted thus assisting with better business decision making.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides companies with the ability to implement a structured document management solution, incorporating work flow, electronic forms, compliance rules, business intelligence features and data integration capability with non-Microsoft environments.

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Return On Investment (ROI)

Deploying a collaborative solution enables your employees to access business information and applications easily and in a familiar environment. This directly impacts the bottom line by reducing user training costs and IT support costs. In addition, if users are accessing this information via one single interface, as in a portal system, administration overhead is also greatly reduced.

When considering a web-based portal and collaborative solution, deployment costs and IT support costs are significantly reduced, as the applications can be managed and controlled centrally within your organisation. Providing your employees with a more effective means of working together also reduces communication costs and increases employee productivity.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Capabilities

- Sharepoint has the capability to provide a single infrastructure for all your business websites including your customers.

- SharePoint offers tools and components for creating simple business solutions.

- SharePoint allows staff to access information from databases, reports and business applications.

- SharePoint offers collaboration tools and a single platform for management.

- SharePoint allows simple content management.

- SharePoint allows ease of information gathering.

BMT based in Riyadh, KSA provides strong solution offerings in SharePoint Server 2010, such as Document & Records Management, Business Forms & Workflow, Scaning & Indexing and Portals & Collaboration

Document & Records Management

SharePoint has strong capabilities as a document management solution, providing key functionality such as version control, check-in/check-out of documents, keyword search, access control and archiving of information.

Business Forms & Workflow

Workflows can streamline the cost and time required to coordinate common business processes, such as project approval or document review, by managing and tracking the human tasks involved with these processes.

Scan & Index Management

BMT Scan and Index Manager for SharePoint can make routine business processes more efficient, increasing productivity by more than 40 per cent and delivering a return on investment within 12 to 18 months.

Documents and paperwork are business critical assets in every organisation, but rarely get the treatment they deserve. That can all change through a process of scanning and digitisation that overcomes traditional problems associated with paper-based processes. Manual errors from keying in the wrong data are dramatically reduced and lost paperwork becomes a thing of the past. Captured electronic documents are stored in a secure central repository where they can be retrieved by authorized users, updated and shared.

Key components of Scan and Index

-  Individual and batch scanning
-  Email capture
-  Microsoft Office document/spread sheet capture
-  Barcode recognition
-  Optical Character Recognition
-  Queue manager
-  Indexing

Portals & Collaboration

Microsoft SharePoint portal, a world-class enterprise portal platform makes it easy to build and maintain portal sites for every aspect of your business enabling organisations make better decisions and more rigorous execution.

SharePoint's features including collaboration web parts, meeting work spaces, site and page management, document libraries, content and records management, publishing and content approval workflows, enterprise search, etc. are designed to engender both teamwork and the dissemination of enterprise knowledge.

Quick, easy access to critical information and expertise means better decisions and more rigorous execution and personalized information delivery increases the relevance and value of information.

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010


  1. Information Management Strategy
  2. Content Management Capability Review
  3. Portal and Collaboration Assessment
  4. Technology Evaluation and Selection
  5. Content Classification and Categorisation
  6. Intranets and Extranets
  7. Content Migration
  8. Document Workflow Implementation
  9. Dashboards and Scorecards
  10. Business Process and Forms
  11. Enterprise Search



  1. Legal
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Trading & Distribution
  4. Financial Services
  5. Professional Services
  6. Retail Insurance
  7. General Retail
  8. Hospitality
  9. Oil & Gas
  10. HR & Payroll
  11. Regulatory Compliance