BMT Provides ERP/CRM on Cloud Print
Digicom Cloud ERP/CRM Software As A Service

Move to cloud computing with BMT, Riyadh

Business Management Technology (BMT) has started providing hosted ERP solutions of Microsoft Dynamics ERP to small and medium companies in KSA. This initiative will enable effective, transparent and low cost IT solutions to the SME segment in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Khobar, Dammam etc. With BMTs on Cloud ERP solutions the users do not have to worry about software, upgrades, implementation, support on hardware, network and application.

With Software-plus-Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP you can make cloud computing a flexible component of your ERP solution — on your terms. Providing customers with choice on how they license and deploy their software through BMT-hosted (Cloud ERP/CRM) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Giving you the ability to extend your business processes seamlessly to the cloud with online services that amplify the value of your business software.

Peace of Mind –With Cloud ERP you can have peace of mind for not having any issue with the system because your ERP system will be in the hands of highly qualified professionals who knows every bit of it.digicom-cloud-erp-microsoft-oracle-saas-erp-riyadh

Hassle Free – having your ERP/CRM system on cloud means you have to have less number of IT staff just like a point of contact just in case if you need to make any changes in the system and saves huge cost and makes your life hassle free.

Reduced Cost – Cloud ERP can save you huge amount in terms of investment to have a fully functional ERP system and remain competitive in the market. You don’t even needs server or anything.

Access From Anywhere – The best part of Cloud ERP/CRM is that you can access your system from any part of the just having a simple internet connection.

Easily Expandable – Not to worry, you pay only for what you use.. You can start with few licences and can add more licences as your business grows.. And it’s cheap.

Keep Your System Up To Date – valuing your business data, security updates will be installed on your system without any disturbance in your routine work.

Cloud ERP and the next few years

The future of Cloud ERP is going to be an exciting one. People will be transitioning technologies and as a result, many legacy systems will be retired. Software that is running on old platforms will begin to disappear. Only those providers with the most up to date technologies will be able to survive, because Cloud updates happens so fast and so regular. Imagine having pushed updates every quarter that just appear. No more waiting for disks and announcing downtime to your users while you test, load, and then patch updates. The next five years should be very exciting as more and more providers and customers’ transition to Cloud ERP/CRM.

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