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Hand Hygeine & Infection Control

BMT's Healthcare Solution for Saudi ArabiaHand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System

Hand hygiene has long been regarded as the most effective method to prevent healthcare associated infections. Business Management Technology Co. Ltd. (BMT) provides the first line of defense in the infection control of healthcare associated infections in your hospital. This WiFi and RFID technology built hand hygiene monitoring system not only records all hand hygiene events in the hospital, but it also reminds busy healthcare workers to wash their hands between patients they are looking.

The BMT's BioVigil Hand Hygiene Infection Control and monitoring system is the most comprehensive tool to monitor adherence to hand hygiene protocols.

According to a study

  • · 1.7 million patients are infected by healthcare associated infections each year
  • · 270 people each day die from these infections
  • · Because hospital stays extended an average of 8 days, HAIs add 13.6 million extra patient days to the burden of patients and hospitals.
  • · US Federal and state governments, along with private payers, are restricting payments for healthcare associated infection costs to hospitals

BMT's Infection Control System (Hand Hygiene) is designed to:

  • · Protect patients and staff from HAIs
  • · lower costs by lowering infections and protecting patients
  • · Remind healthcare workers to wash between every patient interaction to avoid infections
  • · Save time with comprehensive hand hygiene reporting system to keep a track and implement healthcare protocols
  • · Eliminate inaccuracies of direct observation

BioVigil Hand Hygiene Monitoring

    • Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) are one of the leading causes of death for hospitalized patients world-wide. As an example, more than 100,000 deaths per year occur in the US alone due to HAI
    • Studies identify that health practitioners comply with hand hygiene procedures less than 50 percent of the time
    • The Joint Commission recommends hospitals meet a 90% compliance rate for hand washing
    • Current hand hygiene compliance monitoring requires human observers. These processes are labor intensive, sporadic and have been proven to over report compliance rates.

The BioVigil Hand Hygiene Monitoring solution addresses these challenges by providing a fully automated Hand Hygiene monitoring system:

  • Automated data collection and reporting on hand washing events and opportunities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Identifies Hand Hygiene events based on actual solution dispensing
  • Integrated dispenser solution - does not require additional units installed next to the dispenser, nor does it require additional power source (uses the dispenser’s batteries)
  • Non-disruptive solution to staff workflows and care processes - staff merely wash their hands, no added steps
  • Records single caregivers even if multiple staff are in room
  • Enables Infection Control and Process Improvement staff to focus on compliance, education and data analysis rather than monitoring and tabulating hand hygiene compliance rates
  • Complies with The Joint Commission definition for hand hygiene “washing (or cleaning) hands with an alcohol-based foam or get or soap upon entry and exit from a patient care area or environment.”
  • Integral part of a broader solution set. Same infrastructure can be used for staff tracking, nurse call, staff duress, asset management, patient flow and more

BMT's with AeroScout Healthcare Solution for Saudi Arabia healthcare hospitals

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